Welcome to The Fates of Emvarr

“My hope is for readers to become as immersed in Emvarr as I am.” ~ Mary J Nichols

Emvarr is a world featuring stories about its various peoples and their struggles. Where Good battles Evil, gods and demigods attempt to meddle and manipulate, and love has the power to save one’s life or ruin it.


For Duty & For Love
A Fates of Emvarr Novel

For some, duty is performed without a choice. For others, it is performed out of loyalty, fear, and love.

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An Unsought Destiny
A Fates of Emvarr Novel

Avoiding Destiny is Easy... Until You Fall in Love

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Mockingbird & Vulture
A (Dark) Fates of Emvarr Novel

Some men are evil. Some men are lost. Vulture? He's something in between, and he doesn't intend to change his path. So why is Javesse desperate to convince him there's a better life ahead?

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