An Unsought Destiny

A Fates of Emvarr Novel
Mary J Nichols

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What does it take for a man to avoid his destiny?

Protect the Elven Nation from neighboring humans, save his sister from a fortified city of loathsome knights, and evade the expectations that accompany being an heir to the throne. Duty comes first; there’s no time for love. For decades, General Neldrid Zorlias makes certain of that, especially after an unsuccessful engagement. Neldrid has too much needing his attention, particularly his missing sister, Thylaina.

While at the palace to report a failed rescue attempt for his sister from the humans, who were once elven allies, Neldrid finds himself smitten with his cousin’s handmaiden. Foolish, for he has never indulged with palace servants, but this woman seems genuine. Denyera displays respect, kindheartedness, and charm. Not to mention the passion she shares with Neldrid is unlike any he has ever experienced.

Yet since the beginning of their affair, Neldrid’s decisions endanger his career, friendships, and freedom. His life may never be the same.

How does a servant’s simple life lose control so easily?

Denyera adores serving the princess, her closest friend for twenty years. Bringing joy and pleasing Her Highness is the handmaiden’s greatest delight. However, Denyera compromises that special bond when she gains the affection of the princess’ cousin, Lord Neldrid. Her affair with Neldrid not only displeases Princess Valrae, but another powerful figure of the Elven Nation. The king’s advisor, Lord Kyliseth, has attempted marriage arrangements for Neldrid over the past several decades, and Denyera’s presence brings all his efforts to a halt.

It matters not that Neldrid is the most desirable man in Etharell, nor that he might one day sit on the throne, Denyera loves him, not the position he holds. She wants nothing more than joyous time spent with Neldrid.

But schemes and manipulation prevent Neldrid and Denyera from their desire of a happy life together. Deceit push the lovers into choices that threaten to change them… and hurt those they care about.

Can Neldrid and Denyera survive such treachery? Or will destiny force them apart?

An Unsought Destiny is the second release of the Fates of Emvarr Collection

Available in Kindle Unlimited, eBook, and Paperback at Amazon. Paperback also available at other book retailers.

Neldrid Zorlias

Neldrid has spent the past ninety years serving as First General of Etharell and protecting the Elven Nation. The last several decades have also been dedicated to finding his missing sister, Thylaina. Guilt of her leaving and pain are constant comrades, and his personal servant is one of very few who can relieve his suffering.

Despite his position as a general, and that he might one day sit on the throne, Neldrid does not want a life of politics. He does not want others nor Fate deciding whom he can love or with whom he can spend the rest of his days. No one has that right to make those decisions for him. So Neldrid avoids love and political expectations. Duty always comes first.

Denyera Bluleif

Denyera grew up in a noble's house, where her parents served with great devotion. She was dear friends with Lord and Lady Redquill's daughter, Jucile. Years later, Denyera became Jucile's servant.

She loves her work, and pleasing her charge is her greatest delight. And who imagined she would gain the prestigious position in Haevaun Flameral, serving as Princess Valrae's handmaiden?

Denyera adores the princess, who for the first few years, is her only friend. Then Denyera gains the attention of the Captain of Palace Guards, Brolys. But even during that relationship, few servants are friendly toward Denyera, treating her as if she will not last long at the palace.

No matter. She cherishes her charge, the king and queen, and loves her work. Making people happy makes her happy. Yet there are men with reputations of treating palace servants poorly who make her uncomfortable: Lord Advisor Kyliseth Draphise, and the king's nephew, Lord Neldrid Zorlias. Denyera avoids them as much as possible.

She prefers joyful moments.

The World of Emvarr

Emvarr is a world created by Fynthiar, known to some as Fate. He began with Ubrasia, the gray land that flourished. With assistance from Vynia, the Earthen Goddess, Yeuroth was formed, then Brydasia and Myndrose.

From these four continents come stories about various peoples and their struggles. Where Good battles Evil, gods and demigods attempt to meddle and manipulate, and love has the power to save one’s life or ruin it.

Content Warning

This story takes place in a fictional medieval world. It contains adult content such as: language, alcohol use, sexual situations, acts of violence that include sword fights, harm/brutality toward men and women, attempts/mentions of sexual assault, and deaths.