For Duty & For Love

A Fates of Emvarr Novel


Mary J Nichols

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Breaking an oath made in a god’s name will damn one’s soul. Is it not worth it for love?
The Dreaming Maiden. . .

Lady Leyena often fantasizes about adventures outside the castle walls—to learn, grow, and experience love—and those dreams involve Sir Markus. Yet she never expected to wake up in a strange place and as his captive. His madness and refusal to answer to her demands force her to resist and make imprudent decisions that cause more grief than help, whirling Leyena into the world of men’s cruelty.

The Loyal Subject. . .

Sir Markus has always been an honorable and dutiful knight. So when tasked with protecting his duke’s daughter, he takes his oath seriously. Leyena has held his heart for the past two years, and he has secretly sworn to love no other. Yet she shall never be his, for he is a servant. However, the maiden’s stubbornness makes their journey difficult, and he has no choice but to bind her like a criminal. Although he promised to return the young woman home untouched, he has trouble keeping his mind pure while she is bound.

An arduous road. . .

The constant tension between Leyena and Markus often rivals the deception, betrayal, wicked men, and horrific beasts riddling their path to safety. They learn of conspiracies, treachery, and the attack that befalls her home, all of it centered around Leyena. Despite how much Markus wants to be at his duke’s side, he cannot forsake the woman he loves nor risk her falling into the hands of the very men who have been hunting them.

If Markus can maintain the oath to keep Leyena safe and unharmed, a vow made in his god’s name, his soul will avoid the Darkness. But if he gives in to the relentless passion and desire between them, his soul could be lost for eternity. Markus must decide between duty and love, either choice having consequences.

Leyena Dihrage

Leyena’s stubbornness makes it difficult for her father to marry her to prospective suitors. Besides, her interest lies in Sir Markus Falinstone. The infatuation she once held for the knight has grown into a deep love after he nearly gave his life to save her father during the Yeltaran Invasion.

Growing up in the castle has been fine… and dull. She has many superficial friends, but only one she calls a true friend. Leyena can confide just about anything to Dernae Graziel. In spite of the comfort and safety behind the castle walls, Leyena yearns for adventure, especially if it involves Markus.

Sir Markus Falinstone

Sir Markus is a widower knight who oversees one of the largest counties of the Fairlowe duchy. Losing his young wife to a horse-riding accident left him devastated, seeking solace in the arms of a brothel owner and death in battle. He has a great rapport with the community he serves, is devoted to his duke, and maintains an outstanding reputation amongst his fellow knights. But nothing could replace the emptiness within him from the loss of his wife, Maralien, until Leyena. If only such a love could be permitted.

The World of Emvarr

Emvarr is a world created by Fynthiar, known to some as Fate. He began with Ubrasia, the gray land that flourished. With assistance from Vynia, the Earthen Goddess, Yeuroth was formed, then Brydasia and Myndrose.

From these four continents come stories about various peoples and their struggles. Where Good battles Evil, gods and demigods attempt to meddle and manipulate, and love has the power to save one’s life or ruin it.

Content Warning

This story takes place in a fictional medieval world. It contains adult content such as: language, alcohol use, strong sexual situations – some involving bondage, acts of violence that include sword fights, harm/brutality toward men and women, attempts/mentions of sexual assault, and deaths.