Mockingbird & Vulture

A (Dark) Fates of Emvarr Novel
Mary J Nichols


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Can a woman lead a man enshrouded in Darkness into the Light?

It’s been seven years since Javesse’s family was taken. Just when she’s about to make a new life amongst the elves, tragedy lashes out once again. Captured by men from the Descension Empire, Javesse is forced into the life as a pleasure slave to Duke Darik Nornt. He adores her, and protects her from his men, except Vulture. That beastly man frightens her. Especially his shadowy eyes, which reveal a darkness unlike anything she has ever seen. Forced to work with Vulture, Javesse must endure him. She has to find a way to escape him and Darik.

Renmier’s tasked with investigating who intends to assassinate the Duke of Columure, and he must take the duke’s songbird with him. She might ruin everything, but Darik gives Renmier no choice. This songbird plucks his nerves like a strained harp, worse than any insubordinate soldier he’s ever dealt with. Yet her singing voice is as beautiful as a golden mockingbird, and she offers warmth and hope, things Renmier hasn’t known since the gods abandoned him. But those aren’t for him. Not warmth. Not hope. And the cold Darkness reminds him of that every day.

Javesse’s stubbornness and Renmier’s quickness to anger create an abrasive relationship. There are moments of sharing and compassion, and they find things aren’t as they appear, but some things are darker.

Javesse discovers learning who’s the assassin isn’t Renmier’s only agenda. He’s got other plans that are leading to his death. Can she convince him there is a better path?

Renmier realizes there are deeper truths to what he’s known over the past several years. However, he’s chartered his course. Is it too late to change?

Mockingbird & Vulture is Mary J Nichols’ third Fates of Emvarr novel and first Dark Fantasy Romance.



Javesse Tavarelle

A native of Bellinstar, Myndrose, Javesse grew up in a close-knit community on the plains. She loved sailing to the other three continents with her father, experiencing the cultures and languages of foreign peoples. She never imagined she would one day live amongst them.
Her new life with the Serine Elves of Brydasia brought hope from the nightmare that left her stranded with them. They welcomed her into their community, helped her grow as a linguist, warrior, and singer. The elves became her family. It was no surprise to gain the affection of two fine noblemen, one of royal blood. Now to choose which one to be her groom.
It means never returning to her people on Myndrose, but perhaps she'll remain happy with the elves. Maybe life will won't continue down the tragic path she's known as of late.

Renmier Forais

Renmier enjoyed a simple life while growing up in north-eastern Brydasia. Things changed when army commanders arrived at his family's home, demanding soldiers for the upcoming war. He never thought he'd climb the ranks, lead thousands, and become one of the most feared men of the Descension Empire. Things only worsened when Renmier lost what mattered most. Now he's barely a man anymore. Barely alive. And before his life ends, he's going to send others into the Darkness first. There is no changing his fate. Is there?

The World of Emvarr

Emvarr is a world created by Fynthiar, known to some as Fate. He began with Ubrasia, the gray land that flourished. With assistance from Vynia, the Earthen Goddess, Yeuroth was formed, then Brydasia and Myndrose.

From these four continents come stories about various peoples and their struggles. Where Good battles Evil, gods and demigods attempt to meddle and manipulate, and love has the power to save one’s life or ruin it.

Content Warning

This story takes place in a fictional medieval world. It contains adult content such as: language, alcohol use, fictional narcotics, sexual situations, acts of violence that include sword fights, harm/brutality toward men and women, attempts/mentions of sexual assault, and deaths.